Polish National Veterinary Chamber (PNVC)

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Polish National Veterinary Chamber (PNVC) – the  self-government of veterinarians in Poland. PNVC is responsible for supervision of the proper pursuit of the veterinary profession. It consists of sixteen regional veterinary chambers.

Main tasks:

  • granting of a license to practice the profession of a veterinarian,
  • maintenance of the register of veterinarians,
  • supervision of the proper practice of the veterinary profession,
  • establishing the code of ethics of the veterinary profession and supervision of the observance of the Code,
  • veterinary jurisdiction in the scope of professional responsibility and arbitration,
  • involvement in professional specialization of veterinarians,
  • issuing opinions on legal acts concerning animal health protection, public health protection, environment protection and pursuit of the veterinary profession.
The Polish National Veterinary Council comprises representatives of  regional veterinary chambers. The current President of the Polish National Veterinary Council is Marek Mastalerek DVM. 


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